The Marrying Type |...
By xxclosed1316xx
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Jisoo Kim isn't the marrying type. Anything but that. Marriage, for her, is out of the question. And yet, through some sick and confusing twist of fate, she finds herself with a wife that she cannot recall a thing about. Hell, she doesn't even know her name. Ruby Jane Kwon cannot be married. Not to anyone, and especially not to a woman. And yet, she is. Neither of them know how or when or why, but they're married at least on paper. And what ensues after their first (or second) meeting is a beautifully messy and eventful love story. - Jensoo with a bit of Chaelisa. Fluff, smut, humor, slightly slow burn, sometimes angst. [TW for Emotional/Physical Abuse, Homophobia, Suicide] Jensoo converted Original story by artsypolarbear

Chapter 1

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The Marry...
by xxclosed1316xx