Mapping A World //B...
By Dreamingsuccess
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"It's just a game, what's so special about it" "Wanna test it out?" What will happen when World's most famous boy band BTS just disappear? Along with an Infamous underground fighter?Well no one will really know about her anyways,except her two ONLY friends. There journey is going to be full of adventure,where they'll encounter many .......uh.....creatures? Let's give you a sneak peak! "To have the other half of the map, you need to SAIL your way to Yajuyaka Island,there you'll encounter a Witch, she'll tell you what to do next" "Come again?" "Witch?" "OH~Y/N You'll meet your twin sister-" *Smack* __________ "HE NEVER TOLD US WE'LL HAVE TO BECOME A MEAL FOR A SEA MONSTER?!" "ARMY~!" ___________ And how can we forget some spicy romance and Drama? "You need to let me go!" "Take a step forward Princess, and we'll make sure you won't be able to walk until we reach back" "......" "Who tainted my innocent bunny's mind?!" "Uh-" __________ Okay That's enough......Whoever decides to read this story,I hope you'll enjoy it! __________ (BTS X READER) Status: (ONGOING) Warnings: Violence Mature content _____________ Cover by: @KimPinkMoon


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Mapping A...
by Dreamingsuccess