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Isabelle Sinclair and her brother are reeling from the tragic loss of their parents. Her brother, Foster has a life to distract him from all of it. Being the captain of the football team and a popular guy around school gives him plenty to pull his mind away to... right? Isabelle is the opposite. She resides in her room most nights, indulging in books that take her to a different place. An argument over one of those books in English class lands her coming face to face with one of her brother's friends, Ethan Dolan. The chemistry is uncanny, she can't deny it no matter how hard she tries. But how can she be with someone who is more emotionally closed off than she is? Not to mention her brother would never allow her to be with someone like him. Isabelle is a fixer, it's one of her most dominant personality traits. When she senses the tension between Ethan and his twin brother, she can't help but try to figure things out between them. Their past might be even more dangerous than hers. It ends up landing her in an ultimately impossible situation. She must navigate the world of a forbidden romance at the same time as work on the damaged innermost parts of herself.


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by ethanngrant