Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
By TamaraLush
  • Romance
  • arrangedmarriage
  • badboy
  • captive
  • dark
  • darkromance
  • forcedmarriage
  • gothicromance
  • italian
  • kickassheroine
  • love
  • mafia
  • mafiaprincess
  • newadult
  • noir
  • romance
  • romantic
  • sensual
  • sexy
  • tamaralush


**THIS BOOK IS FREE WITH PAID BONUS CHAPTERS** One moment of pleasure. A lifetime of regret. The deal I make with my father is simple: I can get my college degree, and then I'll have to wed a man of his choosing. That's how it's done in my traditional Italian family. Mafia ties are forged from blood, loyalty and marriage, and I have a dark legacy to uphold. On the day before my engagement party, I crash my car, and a man in a Maserati rescues me. With his ink-black hair and flashing blue eyes, he's oh-so-tempting. I choose to spend my last afternoon of freedom pressing my lips against his. No names, no strings, no questions. Just one perfect kiss of sin and desire. I'll never see him again, right? Wrong. That man who kissed me breathless is the second in command of a powerful Mafia family - and his boss is my fiancee. While my husband-to-be exacts revenge on a rival family, the gorgeous stranger is ordered to watch over me. He's cold, dominant and sexy as hell. I try to run, but I'm overpowered. Kept captive. When he stares at me with lust in his eyes, I should look away. The second he gets close, I should slap him. But I don't. Instead, I seduce him. And later, when the unthinkable happens, we're forced to share a dark secret. That's when I know we're going to hell together. **THIS BOOK IS FREE WITH PAID BONUS CHAPTERS. You do not need to buy the bonus chapters to read, understand, or enjoy the core story.** Cover designed by Regina Dionela

Summer 2020

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Kiss Kiss...
by TamaraLush