The Pharaoh's Lotus
By Azukiel
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☀️ 1st Place for the Ace Awards Historical fiction genre ☀️ 1st Place for the Writer's Glory Awards Historical fiction genre ☀️ 2nd Place for the Ruby Awards Historical fiction genre ☀️ High Achiever in the Academy Awards 2020 ☀️ 1st Place for the Winter Rose Awards Historical Fiction Genre ☀️ 2nd Place for the Ink Awards Historical Fiction Genre Finally, the armies of the Hittites have been subdued, but at a great cost to both sides. Egypt could not take back the fortress city of Kadesh, key to defending their golden land and their vassal states, but in the eyes of the Pharaoh, they won something much greater; peace. After a century of war, it was a much-welcomed outcome for both Egypt and Hattusa. The great Hittite general, Hattusili, offers his daughter, the young princess Malawashina, as a bride for Pharaoh to seal their treaty once and for all. But, is the treaty the only reason he chooses to send his most precious daughter away from their homeland, away from his heart? How will life fare for her in the distant land of Egypt, where she will ultimately be sent into the clutches of Pharaoh's harem? Claws will be hidden beneath the facade of pleasantries and charm. Will the rules set in place to assure harmony within the palace be enough to protect her from the ruthlessness of her fellow wives as they vie for Pharaoh's favour and affections? Within Pharaoh's harem, only one flower can bloom... WARNING: This story will contain sexual content not suitable for young readers. There will also be scenes or implied scenes that may be triggers for some readers (rape, murder, bullying...) Also, this story is a complete work of fiction. I DO include some actual historical events, or my interpretations thereof (for the sake of fiction) and some of the characters ARE real historical characters, but the story itself is completely mine.


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The Phara...
by Azukiel