Heroes and Gods: Fr...
By ipowens
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Matthew Hunter and Sienna Torres are two people in a world they don't remember. Nothing seems familiar to them except each other, and even then the nature of their relationship is unclear. Matthew's ordeal is further complicated because many people know him and some even insist they witnessed his death. For Sienna, on the other hand, no one even recalls her existing before now. Together, they face a world where people must live in sprawling cities and other 'sanctuary zones' created by the gods in order to escape the reality-warping sickness that is consuming the planet of Teras. If things weren't bad enough, the powerful Divine Queen Mother Cybelle whose ambitious plans to save the world are instead leading to a conflict that threatens to seal its doom. Now, whether they like it or not, Matthew and Sienna have become agents of the enigmatic Silas, a god who believes the pair's unique powers will play a vital role in the salvation of Teras. But can they trust Silas when he is deliberately withholding information about their origins, supposedly for their own good? Are these so-called gods what they claim to be? Matthew and Sienna's journey will take them from futuristic high-tech cities to sword and sorcery battlefields to dark lands where twisted eldritch terrors are gnawing their way into this reality. As these heroes choose whether to embrace the destiny set before them or create their own, maybe, just maybe, they can rise to become the champions Teras needs. ---This is an important story to me, one that started in my mind over 20 years ago and has continued to evolve and mature into what it is today.---

Prologue: Death

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Heroes an...
by ipowens