The Forbidden Love
By Sassykean02
  • Werewolf
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  • alpha
  • betrayal
  • forgiveness
  • hate
  • hybrid
  • love
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Tyler Winestien and Emmaline Harmony are from two different worlds. Tyler has it all a big family in the were world and a powerful one too, the popular status, the friends, but theres something hes missing. What is it? It is his mate. Emma on the other hand is from a lower powered family in the wereworld, and little does she know shes a hybrid. She was adopted into the "Family" that she lives with at the age of six months old so she does not know where her traits come from. She lives a very distressed life vs. his very perfect lavish lush life. What happens when she moves towns to a were town and has to hide her bearings all over again? What happens when she bumps into the star quarter back? Will the Alpha Fall for the outcast hybrid? Will they risk everything for each other or nothing at all? is it all for nothing? Read to find out more.

Moving Day

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The Forbi...
by Sassykean02