Better than Best
By heater0387
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Growing up, there were three people in Elle Farmer's life she could count on: Renee, Judd, and herself. Bullied for her weight, she leaned on them- Renee for her confidence and Judd for his kindness. They were supposed to be at her side until the bitter end. Until, one day, they weren't. Nearly a decade after that terrible night, Elle finally feels like she has her life back on track. She's making a decent living, getting healthier, and dating one of the town's most eligible bachelors. For the first time, her dreams feel attainable. Until Judd returns home to run the new Heart Center opening in their hometown. The last time he spoke to Elle was the day he left Willow Bend, and he promised he would never come back. It had killed him to watch the light fade from her eyes, but it was either break her or destroy himself. And he'd meant every word. He planned on staying away for good. But when fate pushes him back home, he convinces himself it's time to make things right. A lot of things can change in ten years, and he sets out to do what he should've done all those years ago: win Elle's heart. Too bad he shows up the day she gets engaged to his childhood enemy, and she's still spitting mad. It would take a Christmas miracle to get her to forgive him, much less fall in love with him. Or would it?

Chapter One

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Better th...
by heater0387