The Oracles Mates
By JadeLoveRosie
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Serenity had lived wither her abusive Alpha for years before she was rescued by the twin Stone Alphas of the blood moon pack. She quickly grew close to their mate, Cassandra. For the first time in years Serenity feels like she can finally breath. Within minutes of arriving to her new pack she meets her mate, the gamma, Aofie. While her mate decides to ignore her and the mate bond Serenity decides that she is going to do whatever she wants. After having a almost one night stand with a human male, Serenity decides that she needs to get herself, and her hormones under control. Serenity later finds that she has another mate she knew nothing about, and his presence terrified her. Aofie is the gamma to the twin Alphas' Jeremiah and Josiah. After meeting his Luna he became close with her, letting her know his secrets, all except one. Aofie was a pure Alpha. After losing his parents many years ago he has been getting potions form witches that mask his scent making his alpha genes dormant allowing him to appear as a gamma. Aofie begins to lose control of his Alpha instincts as he discovers he has a mate, and she refuses to leave him alone. Damien Black is the Head warrior for the blood moon pack. After being away training other packs for over a year he comes back to discover that he has a mate, and she continuously runs from him even going as far as to claim that she already has a mate. Damien did not mind, he always loved a challenge anyway. Continuing Serenity's story From The Stone Alpha's of the West


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The Oracl...
by JadeLoveRosie