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Hello. I'm Stella. You are reading my story from Earth as in I'm on another planet named as Nibiru. Never heard of it? Obviously no human discovered it...yet. I'm 20 years old and my planet is not ordinary. Each of us has a power or an ability. But I don't. I only have wings to fly... but the people here don't count that as neither power nor ability. But of course I'm not as powerless as they think. My story starts at school when I overheard some students talk about a famous band named as BTS on Earth. Unfortunately it was the idle talk of the school. I never heard about them but I then knew that those 7 were the biggest hit on Earth. Since I was head of the journalism department,I wanted to make everyone happy other than making them against me. So this is what I did, I asked one of the students here about where on Earth is their next concert or whatever they call it. They told me that it was in a country named as Saudi Arabia. I, of course, never heard of such country, but , I went there to interview them. Something deep down told me that why couldn't it be in another country but I ignored it... ****************** Okay first things first. I don't really know who BTS are so that's what inspired me. People all around me talking like crazy about them and all but yeah I never heard of them. I did the research and found out that it was a group of seven Korean boys that have lots of songs. I don't really mind right now so I still don't know if I should be a so called army or not but yeah... Hope you enjoy!!!

Chapter 1

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