Bird in a Gilded Ca...
By houseofmirrors
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While celebrating her best friends last days of singledom in the Islands of Greece, the last thing that Elleri Williams expects to find herself caught up in is a battle of morality. Elleri quickly learns that the darkness harbored in Emmett Grayson's eyes is not the only thing she should fear. Thrust into a world of secrets, past crimes, and a battle that still rages on, Elleri finds her own understanding of right and wrong coming to a head and must decide for herself how far one should be willing to go in the battle for justice. In this battle not only for her freedom but for the freedom of many, Elleri and Emmett embark on a journey that will lead them to redemption or certain destruction.

Bird in a Gilded Cage

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Bird in a...
by houseofmirrors