Letters to your hea...
By AppleRoug
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Have you ever fallen so deep in love that every day was a magical moment? A tingling sensation that keeps you alive? That you want to savor each second that is to pass by with that special someone? I'm sure all of us do, at some point in our lives. To live and to find a reason to live- to love and learn the true meaning of love. When everything seemed to be so wrong, a glimpse of that beautiful soul would make you feel that everything is falling into its place. But you see, sparks won't last forever. Have you ever felt so broken and lost once the fantasy is over? Betrayed, Forgotten, Abandoned... This is a story about a man who lost the meaning of love--Will he ever find it again? By: Apple Rouge and Yuma Riruma CC: (Art) https://twitter.com/ps_smkw/status/1200447754146725889?s=07

Chapter 1: Introductory Letter

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Letters t...
by AppleRoug