Forward to Happines...
By poetsoulken
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For years I have maintained a website presence at, where I would blog about events from my life and reflections on things that I have learned. The biggest thing that I have learned is that I am still learning. Over time, those blogs have been deleted and put in this book or that book, and those books have been retired, as my conclusions changed of things I thought I knew. With this new collection, which I will be writing on Wattpad before collecting into a book to publish, I want to present an updated assessment of what I have learned in my own life that is less negative than prior books and more wisdom that I hope to share to help others to avoid the pitfalls that I repeatedly visited in my own journey. I have lived a story that spans decades and many experiences, so I am sure you will find things that apply to your own life, and I am gratified by any aid I provide to your own happy discoveries.


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Forward t...
by poetsoulken