Intoxicated -Μ½Ν“ ?...
By roseislandstories
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➳ Lunar Franklin, a werewolf born and raised in New Orleans, learnt from an early age not to trust and love anyone. Love makes you weak, and she couldn't afford to be weak. A former Alpha Female of her pack, the werewolf Queen fled when Marcel Gerard, Vampire king of the French Quarter, cursed her pack to live out their lives as wolves only reverting their human form once a month during the full moon. Fleeing, and therefore escaping the curse herself, she was shunned. A selfish excuse of a Queen who only thinks of herself. Lunar finds herself in Mystic Falls, a sorry excuse for a town, imploding with supernatural creatures. Intoxicated, broken and looking for an escape she drunkly finds herself in bed with the Hybrid, the most feared creature of all time. Niklaus Mikaelson. Running, as she always did, before it can escalate. She flees to New Orleans in search of answers to save her pack unaware she's about to be taken on the journey of a lifetime. The only trouble is, she soon finds out her demons are his demons. Their fear of trust just could kill them all. // I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS / STORYLINES FROM THE VAMPIRE DIARIES OR THE ORIGINALS // *based loosely upon the events of the The Originals*


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by roseislandstories