The Price of Magic...
By vmints
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BTS APPLYFIC Thousands of years ago, humans and Fae co-existed in the same world. Then a bloody war broke out between the two species and their worlds were forcibly separated by a inter-dimensional wall of magic. The erection of the wall took human magic and all memory of the Fae and their once joint world. Now, humanity is beginning to remember. And they want their magic back. Project Gaea, a group of humans who have learned of the Fae and magic, have been working towards breaking down the walls between worlds. To do so, the group has turned to nefarious means, such as trapping an ancient goddess within a supercomputer. They want nothing more than to get magic back into human hands. Thus, they gather a misfit band of Earth inhabitants to embark into the Fae world and steal magic back. But the world of the Fae is a pale reflection of the human world; it is a ruthless and mystical battleground. Gaea's spies face a warring world of Courts and the dangers of the High Fae and their powerful magic. And underneath it all, an ancient, evil power stirs between the worlds, threatening to unravel the very existence of both. Such is the price of the magic. 6/7 OPEN!


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The Price...
by vmints