Into Darkness
By sun-child1998
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Almost an entire year later and I still felt the familiar pain in my chest at the sight of the clubhouse in front of me. I remembered that there was a time that I called this place my home, that the people inside were my family. Now I knew that the only home I would ever have was in myself, the only family I had was dead and buried. I told myself that I was stronger now, that I could do this without thinking of Nate, without thinking of Jax. The truth was the possibility of seeing him again was the only thing pushing my feet towards the door, no matter how much I tried to deny it. I thought of the guys, the men I called my brothers yet had been avoiding for months. This place, the people in it, were they just strangers to me now? Would they welcome me back if they knew the secrets I was keeping from them? Scarlett has been avoiding the Sons of Shadows in its entirety after what happened last year and the secrets she was forced to keep from them. Now with the club under attack, she is forced to return and face all the things she has been running from, including the man who sent her whole world to shit. With her newfound freedom and her family by her side, Scarlett will be forced to see who's stronger; who she has become or who she once was.


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Into Dark...
by sun-child1998