His Bitter Cupcake
By Miss_whts_her_name
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[COMPLETED] Maria Thompson's life couldn't get any better when she found out she was pregnant, but when a truck crashed into her life, she lost everything and went into depression. Two years later, when she finally decided that she was now ready to give up her life, a shiny silver envelope stops her. Probably not a great time to attend some fancy billionaire's wedding if the bride is her deceased beau's sister. But after being pressurized by her parents and her therapist to attend the ceremony, she postpones her plan and decides to join her dead fiance after attending his sister's wedding with only one goal; To be there for the bride while her brother couldn't. Everything was going according to her plans, it really was, but that was only until Evan Williams, a baker by profession, argued with her and wrote his name on the chair she was sitting on.


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His Bitte...
by Miss_whts_her_name