King and Queen (dis...
By AaaAnonymousBitch
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"Fuck Lexi.." he groans my name and..fuck its so hot.. Suddenly he's in front of me and I don't know who moved first, I'm caged against the wall with his hard body plastered against my soft one.. "Please.." I whimper against his mouth, fuck I don't even know what I'm begging for. He shoves my legs apart with his knee and I'm grinding against his thigh like a mad woman. And then both wrists are above my head, and his hand is ripping up my night shirt and slithering into my panties.. And that's when I knew I was fucked. Well...not yet Alexandra is a 23 year old who doesn't tolerate disrespect from anyone. When she sees something she shouldn't have things take a turn. Kidnapped and forced to stay with a notorious ganglord, what will happen next? 27 year old Damien is the King of the city's most dangerous gang. The Black Mambas. He got nothing but respect until he met her. The female version of him. What will he do with her? Kill her or keep her? Started 12/9/19

D i c k i s n e e d e d

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King and...
by AaaAnonymousBitch