Stone Cold
By PASS1Onreaderx
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"I'm alex" He looked at me long and hard until I started to feel real uncomfortable.. I shifted from one foot to the other then looked around to see If anyone saw my awkward state. He turned back to his phone furiously typing something. I thought maybe he didn't hear because come on no one can be that stuck up right? So me being me decided to try again "Hi; I'm-" " I don't care" he interrupted, gathered his things and walked out of the cafeteria. "Rude much" ________________________________ Alex Hart has it all.. Straight A's, great parents and friends and the perfect boyfriend. She has her future all planned ahead of her. But when the new transfer student; Aiden Smith catches her eyes and even though his permanent scowl and cold exterior pushes others away it somehow draws her to him. He had a lot of secrets and so does she but will they both break down there walls and let each other in? Read to find out


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Stone Cold
by PASS1Onreaderx