Court Of Night
By the_rebellionxx
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The pack on the verge of collapse, Fie Wright watches as her Alpha falls into a downward spiral due to his dying mate. After searching high and low for a cure, Fie's Alpha gives up on not only himself but his pack as well, leaving the rest of them to their own turmoil. That is until whispers of a miracle cure strikes the very heart of the problem. Fie, along with a small group, is sent on a mission to far away lands to ask for the King's help to bring their Pack back to life. The King agrees but for a price of course. ********* The concealed King perched on his throne speaks up with a heavy yet smooth voice, the mere baritone sending delightful shivers up my spine as the royal directs his attention to me. "I will help you but I want something in return." Comes his clear daunting voice as the rest of the court remains silent, no one daring to speak up until they are spoken to. Steeling my spine, my eyes focus on what I assume to be his chest as my kneeled figure speaks up, "What would that be my King?" Silence reigns for a few seconds before the alluring voice speaks up, ripping me of my composure in mere seconds. "You."


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Court Of...
by the_rebellionxx