Maid to the Ice Kin...
By KristyElaine
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Male Elsa X Maid Reader As any young prince Elson had his own personal maid. His maid was there to serve him and keep him company if he so chose to have it. But what happens when the two harbor feelings for each other but never admit it. I've been looking for a good male Elsa x Reader book that didn't have a magic born/cursed reader. So I decided to make my own! This book will follow Frozen, Frozen Fever, Olafs Frozen Adventure, and Frozen 2. WARNING!!! I will be making mature content as I create my own scenes as the story progresses. (I do not own Frozen or the likeness of the characters likewise I do not own any artwork or videos.)

What Happened Behind that Closed Door

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Maid to t...
by KristyElaine