Kiss The Sky
By Glass_Eyes
  • Science Fiction
  • action
  • adventure
  • disguise
  • drama
  • futuristic
  • gangs
  • gore
  • graffiti
  • guns
  • latin
  • masks
  • mature
  • monsters
  • nightmares
  • original
  • paragons
  • rapper
  • revolution
  • rock
  • rockstar
  • romance
  • science-fantasy
  • superpowers
  • villains
  • violence


Moses had always considered himself a man with a plan. Years have passed with him planning his future, although there were many obstacles around him. He lived in a world that blended science fiction and reality, specifically the planet Tikal. It was housed to political strife, an unfair class system, and juvenile violence. Many people got lost in it, but Moses tried his best to keep his head low. He covers himself up, keeps his mouth shut, and keeps up with his school work. Yet even under the shadow of his hoodie, he sees the beauty in his city. He saw it one his idols, the mysterious graffiti artist and gang leader, Z-T. He hopes to meet him one day, but focuses on a different art method. That being music. By day he's Moses, by night the rocker Jack Rabbit. All around him are unique characters, some beautiful and others wicked. Anything goes in a city where people have such stunning powers. Guns are drawn daily, blood and paint mix with each other on the walls. To succeed you have to be a cutthroat, but not everyone wants to go down that road. So, Moses decided to pave his own road to lead many others down. He'll be damned if he doesn't succeed, and many will try to stop him. Many just as powerful as him, with bloodlust to match any monster. Follow Moses, The Jack Rabbit, on his journey to help the people of his city. Watch, when he kisses the very sky above them.

Chapter One

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Kiss The...
by Glass_Eyes