The Bridge Between...
By ESElias
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The Xiphis Saga: Book One Regina, a young woman who is just trying to find where she fits in the world. After connecting with a half-sister she never knew existed, Regina uncovers secrets from her birth mother's past, opening her mind to the possibility that she is actually not entirely human. With the help of her sister, Victoria, they go as far as learning how to find Regina's father. As the puzzle starts coming together, Regina finds herself learning much more than she was expecting. Not only has she found her father, but she has also learned that her maternal grandparents were royalty. Indicating that she is a princess and heiress to the Xiphis throne. The Council of Five has been in the seat of power for over a hundred years. Regina must learn all she can from them in order to under Xiphis ways. And as disaster strikes her newfound home, Regina must rely on her own instincts and take up the mantle as the princess of Xiphis. The Bridge Between Worlds is the first book in the Xiphis Saga. This is an NA Paranormal-Fantasy Adventure that ends on a CLIFFHANGER. The series must be read in order. Cover design: @

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The Bridg...
by ESElias