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By cocastyle
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the summer of 1989 was the summer where everything in Y/N Uris' life was flipped upside down. with the news of her parents divorce and being sent away to spend the summer with her cousin in Derry, Maine, Y/N thought her life couldn't get any worse. then she met the Losers' Club, a group of people who would end up becoming her best friends before the summer ended, and she realized that maybe things wouldn't be too bad. but just when things start to turn around, Y/N finds herself in the most horrifying summer she had ever been a part of while her fears literally come to life all around her. she always knew the summer of '89 would be different than the others. but what she wasn't expecting was for her life to change as much as it was going to. and all Y/N Uris could do was just hope it would change for the better. | It Rewrite | { Bill Denbrough x reader }


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by cocastyle