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I had an idea to do this for a while now. I have seen the show so many times over the past couple of years that I began to understand the jokes and scenes that were being portrayed on the show, most of which are not appropriate for kids thirteen and under, which is the age targeting for the show. But most kids do not understand the scenes or jokes on the show mostly because of their innocent minds and the way the directors and Dan Schneider put it together. Go ahead and read ahead but I would not recommend this to anyone who has problems with Lesbian and Gay couples along with cross dressing or Transgenders, suggestive sexual jokes, Inappropriate words or slangs, sexual scenes, incest or Jokes about the human body. I would also not recommend this book to anyone under thirteen. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Go ahead and read if you wish and enjoy! :)

Inappropriate Victorious Jokes

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by OneAndOnlyBelieber