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By amyadams595
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Bella Gilbert is Elena's twin sister. They may be polar opposites, but growing up, they were inseparable, and their parents death brought them even closer. Though when the Salvatore brothers move to town, their unbreakable bond is put to the test. Their love for the brothers forces them in to the world of the supernatural, but Bella seems to adapt when she discovers abilities of her own. When she begins to think she's seen it all, she meets the Mikaelsons, and her world turns upside down. There's no doubt that a certain original hybrid has his eye on her. Will she be able to survive it? *multi love interests* Rankings #1 TheVampireDiaries #1 KlausMikaelson #1 AlaricSaltzman #1 RebekahMikaelson #1 JeremyGilbert #1 tvd #1 doppelgänger #2 TheOriginals #2 StefanSalvatore #2 TylerLockwood #2 ElijahMikaelson #2 MattDonovan #3 DamonSalvatore I only own the rights to Bella and her character. This story is currently under lots of editing and development.

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by amyadams595