The Dragon Wars (Bo...
By w3tbananas
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This book was set in the late 1300, back then humans knew that dragons were real, they just rarely saw them and they didn't get attacked by them. there were 2 main groups of dragons. There were the red dragons and the black dragons, the black dragons were rarely seen but they were not friendly to humans or the red dragons. there were a lot more black dragons then there were red but when they fought they usually lost to the reds because although they were smaller they were faster and more nimble then the blacks. But not even the red dragons had seen them for a while and they thought there had been some sort of virus that had taken them out. The red dragons and black dragons were not friends at all but they still wanted to make sure that they were okay. The leader of one of the red dragon groups sends a few dragons to go check on them but they never comeback. The story is about a human on one side and a dragon on the other, they end up becoming friends. But it is not for a good reason why. The black dragons have been gaining strength and have just been giving birth too more and more dragons, as many as possible to surprise the humans and the red dragons. The red dragons and humans have to team up to save the entire earth from extinction by these dragons but it comes with a heavy price. There is a reason why it was named the Black Plague and not for the reason most of you would think.


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The Drago...
by w3tbananas