Please Confess To Me
By SimranYamamoto
  • Romance
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Type Web Novel (CN) Genre Josei Romance Slice of Life Tags[ ] Beautiful Female Lead Doting Parents Female Protagonist First Love Handsome Male Lead Love Interest Falls in Love First Marriage PregnancySecond Chance Wealthy Characters Rating(4.5 / 5.0, 54 votes) 5 78% (42 votes)4 9% (5 votes)3 4% (2 votes)2 2% (1 votes)1 7% (4 votes) Advertisement Language Chinese Author(s) Grumpy Crab 暴躁的螃蟹 Artist(s) N/A Year 2017 Status in COO 60 Chapters (Completed) Licensed N/A Completely Translated No Original Publisher jjwxc English Publisher N/A Release Frequency Every 6.1 Day(s) Activity Stats [Graph] Weekly Rank: #295 Monthly Rank: #946 All Time Rank: #2135 Reading List [Graph] On 1299 Reading Lists Monthly Rank: #500 All Time Rank: #2336 Description Before getting married, Shen Xi knew that her fiancee had a girl he was secretly in love with for years. After the divorce, she found out that the girl was her. Before getting married, Shen Xi knew that there was going to be no love in her marriage. After the divorce, she found that her ex-husband had married for love. Before their marriage, her husband had a lot of money. After the divorce, her ex-husband went bankrupt paying for the huge alimony. Then, Shen Xi was reborn to the day of their marriage. Shen Xi would just like to ask, would it kill you to say 'I like you'??


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Please Co...
by SimranYamamoto