One Thousand Furs...
By relevy
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Folklore is a canvas layered by generations of paint, this collection of YA LGBTQ+ fairy tale retellings, seeks to add another. It begins with One Thousand Furs - A fresh look at the Grimm's Brothers Allerleirauh. Petra is a princess, but not in the eyes of her father, who has never accepted her. When her mother and only ally passes suddenly, King Eckhart gives her an ultimatum. Reject her identity as a woman or lose her right to the throne. Encouraged by her nursemaid and the mysterious witch of the woods, Petra runs away, bringing with her only three dresses and a coat of one thousand furs. Wandering the forest that borders her former kingdom, she is found by a mysterious Prince and brought to his palace where she must work as a scullery maid, hiding in plain sight. That is until it is announced that the midwinter festival will be celebrated with three nights of dancing. With the help of her new friend and fellow servant, Clara, Petra will make her debut as the princess she was always meant to be. Coming soon: The Midnight Dance & Fitcher's Bird! This work is, and will remain, a Wattpad Exclusive and will be updated weekly starting January 2020 as long as there are stories to tell.

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One Thous...
by relevy