Zombie Arc
By phenomenalpen
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FROM ZERO TO HERO History is thrown into absolute chaos when pioneering kidnap-for-ransom terrorist Ukhuna Khan gets hold of a time machine from the future. There's a pterodactyl with flame throwers, Vikings, Aztec priests, droids, and all sorts of temporally displaced characters. Bored out of his mind with the safe zombie life, Arc is about to be swept up on an epic quest the likes of which the Multiverse has never seen. Tasked with the Herculean mission to save human existence, he is aided by a lovely but scarred witch and her cybernetically enhanced cat. In a bygone world caught in the war between magic and modernity, nothing and no one is as they seem. Can Arc restore the fabric of the space-time continuum before the damage becomes irreparable?

Prologue: The Professor's Lecture

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Zombie Arc
by phenomenalpen