The Change Of Deku
By ildegarne
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Izuku Midoriya is a quirkless omega who have 'two' childhood friends, well one is more like a childhood bully, the first one is like him an omega but she possesses a quirk. Her name is Aoi Ookami. The second one is different. He was born as an alpha, with a powerful quirk at that, when Izuku and him were still very young they were best friend but then when he got his quirk he became more arrogant and started to bully Izuku. Unknown to everyone the two omega has a little secret since they're six they work at the most famous bordel in the world. But what will happen when they are suppose to go to highschool but disappear instead. And what if the bordel, and every person working in, were attacked by the police and the hero-to-be from U.A, within a certain explosive blond who is having a guilty look. Where is the two omega? And why did they disappeared? And who is that blond who has a guilty look? A/N: So I tried to do an omegaverse but I bet it's awful. Sooo if one of you is fond on these please feel free to advice me😅. It's original but I read a LOT of bnha fanfic before so if it reminds you of something it may be come from these. I made an OC and some of characters are OCC so if you don't like it you can go away also it will be an yaoi so don't like it, go away. Disclaimer: I don't own Boku no Hero Academia or My Hero Academia choose the one you prefer. And I don't own the pictures. All belong to their rightful owners.

The red town

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The Chang...
by ildegarne