Saving The Undead...
By M_Sway_Writes
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Noah is a zombie with no humanity, Peter is a fugitive and Leah disappeared after her mother died. And me? Well, I'm still your average teenage zombie hunting in the woods of Brookfield, except now, I'm on Biotech's most wanted list and they will do just about anything to get me. ******** With Noah turned into a zombie, Sydney and Peter need to find a cure before his time runs out. A lead takes the duo to an old friend of Dr. Benette's but with the authorities and Biotech hunting them down they step on more landmines than they can count. Old enemies turn into allies and lifelong friends seek revenge, forcing Sydney to face the regrets she's trying to bury. With time running out, nowhere to turn to and no one left to trust, will Sydney and Peter be able to save Noah in time and stay out of Biotech's clutches? High School is sure to end with a bang. ********* ***This gorgeous cover was made by none other than @CannabalisticNecro*** Contains descriptions of violence that may be upsetting to some readers. This is the second book in the series and you have to read The Undead and Other Teenager Problems first. Book 1 is now featured in WattpadZombie's Viral reads!

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Saving Th...
by M_Sway_Writes