Alpha Dylan (Pack T...
By WildChild64
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Despite being raised in Pack One, punishment, Charlie Novak, was an infamous prankster. Her father being one of the 10 alpha's, he was extremely busy. Too busy to notice if she was switching out the Pack Houses ketchup for hot sauce, or booby-trapping the toilets to backfire on anyone who used them. When the pack decides to send her to boarding school for Senior year, to understand more about other pack's culture, she only sees it as a whole new set of targets... and she's going to have fun with them for sure. Dylan Beckett is the future of Pack Two. His father is Alpha of the wisdom pack, and expects him to live up to the perfect expectations of their pack, not that he minds. Dylan would rather spend his days with his nose in a physiology book, then meet actual people. He, of course had been studying at this boarding school since freshman year, and is now on this fourth year. Cyrus Academy, here we come.

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Alpha Dyl...
by WildChild64