Leading To You (bl)
By ClearV
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  • yaoi


"To be a good man." Chen Zheng lived his whole life, believing those words. Just like his name, proper and upright. However being proper and upright only lead him to die while completely and utterly alone. To get back the only person who mattered to him he was given a chance. Traveling from world to world he mets different people, live different lives and gain new experiences. Zheng : "Say Alex, as a proper System aren't you responsible for your Executor's safety. There is a man stalking me from world to world and you are not doing anything???" Alexander: "As an Executor can you stop attracting bees and butterflies!" Stalker: "Alex is right, be good. You are only allowed to attract me" *pat his head* Zheng: "He even followed me to the storty description QAQ"

Prologue 01

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Leading T...
by ClearV