Clouds and Sunshine...
By NateBehindTheCouch
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This un-canon story takes place after episode 86, and will contain major spoliers up to that episodes. After that, it is all my imagination. ~~ Since 2016, Dungeons & Dragons have produced and aired Dice, Camera, Action, a D&D live play series starring lead story designer Chris Perkins and Internet personalities Anna Prosser, Nathan Sharp, Jared Knabenbauer, and Holly Conrad. The show became the D&D's Twitch channel's flagship show and made crossovers with Acquisitions Incorporated and several other D&D video games and live play series. Now it has been officially canceled. But even after the canon cancellation of Dice Camera Action, I still wish to post this. DCA has such a special place in my heart, and I hope that the new show that Chris's 'Dungeon Master'ing will still have that same feeling. And I hope that this story will help some people cope with their feelings like it did for me when writing this.

A Boring Prologue. (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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Clouds an...
by NateBehindTheCouch