The Man She Never N...
By ThermicMoonB629
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The reality of life is what matters! ..... Ava Loren a normal college graduate and former gang leader back then, decides to leave her hometown and settle somewhere away from her parents. The Ava Loren Twenty years ago isn't the same now. The Ava now is determined to forget about the nightmares of the past and focus in building a better future. She's in for a fresh start in a strange land and handling two miserable jobs which eats up almost all her time. When going to Netherlands, Ava never had plans of falling in love. Falling for a man she had once rejected. Ava realises that her mistake three years ago is back to surface and is hunting her. ..... Ava has to see the face of reality. And the lesson is learnt the hard way, "What goes around comes around!" *New Updates Thrice A Week* • Monday's. •Wednesday's. •Friday's.

The Man She Never Noticed

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The Man S...
by ThermicMoonB629