His Baby-momma
By Klareena
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Elena Parke finally gets a break in her life when she manages to secure a job as the personal assistant of the CEO of Parker&Co. Even though she is happy about getting a well paying job, she has to put up with her boss who is a complete perv. But she has no choice but to put up with it because just like life not everything is sunshine and roses. To celebrate Elena's first and new job, her friends, Abigail and Joseline, plan a girls night out at a club. But, what happens when Elena has an encounter with Forbes constant front cover billionaire, Ethan Knight, after meeting at the club? . #1 in baby daddy (05/03/2020) #1 in kids (05/04/2020) #1 in pregnancy (06/04/2020) #2 in wmbw [26/02/2020] #2 in chicklit #3 in chicklit #3 in wmbw

Chapter 1

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His Baby...
by Klareena