Shy VS Dominant
By BettieBurton
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Macey is a twenty-eight year old author who enjoys writing about romance. She's a shy, fun and down-to-earth nice curvy girl but has desires and fantasies that nobody knows about. Not even her best friend, Kelsa. Kelsa works at a nightclub but what she never told Macey was exactly what she does there-A Dominatrix. One day, after finding out Macey's secret fantasies she decides to introduce her to the world of BDSM and invites her to go with her and check things out. What Macey didn't plan was to meet the owner himself who soon takes an interest in her. She's looking for a gentleman outside of the bedroom, but who's a freak in the bedroom He's a 'no strings attached' kind of a guy and loves being in charge Can he become both for her or will their 'true' desires keep them as just each other's 'playmates'? © Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved

CHAPTER 1: I Never Knew

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Shy VS Do...
by BettieBurton