A Writer's Tale #3:...
By KartheyM
  • Adventure
  • desert
  • fantasy
  • gunslinger
  • oldwest
  • outlaws
  • western
  • wildwest


"Do something you've never done before. You never know how it all might turn out." Laura is a writer and published author who resides well within her comfort zone. When her editor recommends she write something "a little less realistic" than the cozy, contemporary stories she'd been writing, Laura is more than a little unsure about the idea, though she intends to give it her best shot, on a typewriter she recently purchased at a garage sale. The methodical writer could never have imagined that the typewriter hid an incredible secret. ------------------ As if fending off an alien army on an actual space ship wasn't enough, Laura lands squarely in a Wild Western town nearly overrun by a gang of rowdy bandits. Phantom Gulch has seen sheriff after sheriff either executed or run out of town by the likes of Big Tom and his outlaws. Sheriff Jerry Coldwell aims to end that legacy--but can he pull this town together enough to stand against the criminals, or will he merely be another name in a long list of victories for Big Tom? What chance does a city girl like Laura have against a band of no-account gunslingers?

Chapter 1: Arrival

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A Writer'...
by KartheyM