A Girl Named Blush
By CocoNichole
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Haunted by an embarrassing moment from the seventh grade, Blaire Sunderland is about to embark on her senior year at Honeybrook High. Though she has already confronted her issues with depression, anxiety, and body image, she's still known as "Blush" by her tormentors and peers. Then there's Luca Brighton, the new kid with pink hair, pierced lips, and a rebel attitude. On the first day of school, Blaire's tormentors assign her to be Luca's peer mentor. With all the attention he attracts from the student body, this is not the way Blaire wants to start her senior year. +++ Luca is bold, a little reckless, and kind of... clairvoyant. He's never told anyone outside of his family about his supernatural secret. He's also used to getting judged and doesn't expect much else from the kids at this new school. Being able to perceive things invisible to most since he was a child, Luca thought that there was nothing left to see. But all of that changes the day he meets a girl named Blush. ***Stunning cover done by the phenomenally talented Ligia Nunes***


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A Girl Na...
by CocoNichole