A Rose for the Crow...
By elsannalover23
  • Historical Fiction
  • beauty
  • bond
  • historical
  • king
  • love
  • passion
  • queen
  • romance
  • vampire


Cover made by @xxinloves. The annual debutante vampire ball has arrived, and every eligible young lady is in attendance. On that particular evening, two Young people are brought together and bonded by the ability that they possess. Most vampires, if they share the same ability, are bonded together instantly. But sometimes, a dark and seductive attraction can occur between two people. That attraction is both powerful and dangerous. Once that bond is made, it cannot be broken by anyone. The source of the power and the bond comes from a pair of crowns, one for the king and one for his future queen. And once those crowns sparkle with the arrival of the bonded soulmates, nothing can tear them apart. For 19-year-old King James Stuart and 15-year-old Lady Caroline Howard, their bond is one of passion, seduction, beauty, and innocence. From the very first moment they meet, they know their bond is everlasting. But the succession is waning Away, and a prince must be brought into the world in order to keep the bloodline intact. But James and Caroline's cousins, king Arthur and Queen Margaret of Scotland are also determined to produce a son. They'll stop at nothing to achieve what they want. Can James and Caroline produce a son before the king and queen of Scotland? Will England have their prince?

Chapter 1. 1901

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A Rose fo...
by elsannalover23