A Traumatised Robin
By Ash0245
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This book is part 2 of The Downfall Of Damian Wayne. Please read that book before reading this book if you haven't already, it will give you a better idea on what this book is about. A once killed Robin is a now reborn Robin. He may be different and more violence, but he is still the same Robin. Damian was kidnapped by a certain infamous villain, Joker and his partner in crime Harley Quinn with Levi Damian brother by their side. The batfam is running out of time will they be able to save Damian and bring him to his sense or will forever be lost? Or will he be swept into a hole of never ending darkness? [WARNING] Swearing, Abuse, drugs and alcohol, depression?? [I don't own anything apart from my Oc!! All rights go to the rightful owners!! I want to apologise in advance if there is any spelling mistakes!! And I hope you enjoy the book!!! ]

A.N - Read Before Reading The Story!

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A Traumat...
by Ash0245