What do you want, E...
By XAnonymousXZ
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Ru Yan is one of the many fairies in the heavens. She meets the infamous ice king, Bai Chuan. Cold as ice but warmth inside? Bai Chuan is the youngest and most powerful gods among all the 20 gods. As time passes, they realise their feelings for each other. They spent their remaining days happy together, taking strolls together in the gardens and stealing glances at each other. However, fate played a brutal prank on them. Bai Chuan was ordered to go down to the human realm and reincarnate as the emperor's son and be next in line for the dragon throne?! And the worst part is...he wouldn't remember anything from before he was reincarnated...including Ru Yan! "I want to go to the human realm and be his concubine!" Ru Yan said, devastated when she learn about the news. Bai Chuan confronted her and stopped her, "The next time I see you, we're be nothing but strangers. Forget me. Let this all be a nice dream. It's time you wake up from it." Ru Yan's heart shattered into millions of pieces as she saw Bai Chuan's back as he walked away without turning back. Ru Yan confronts one of the goddess after Bai Chuan left. The goddess helped her become a human and enter the human realm but all of this would come with a price... (Ongoing)

Chapter 1: Little fairy and Water God

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What do y...
by XAnonymousXZ