Lost In You (COMPLE...
By AdaWinters
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"Are you okay?" I asked, pulling her close to me, cupping her face. "Did he hurt you?" "I'm fine, Tristan." She tried pulling away, but I wouldn't let her. "What did I tell you about letting guys get too close to you?" I held her face in place, so she was forced to look at me. "And what are you wearing? I told you to wear pants when you're waitressing." She slapped my hand off her face. "I don't like wearing pants when I'm working. And I had that guy, I didn't need you stepping in, trying to play white knight." I chuckled, "Babe, I'm the furthest thing from any white knight." I leaned back against my door, not letting her leave. "Do you like the attention, Violet? Is that why you keep ignoring what I'm telling you." "Why are you so concerned? I don't see you acting like this with any other waitress." "Because the rest of them know how to handle the customers here." I grabbed her hand, pulling her back to me. "You don't. If you did, you'd stop being so stubborn and actually listen to good advice." She bit her lower lip. I was starting to see that was just a habit she did when she was unsure how to handle a situation. "Come here." I moved my arms around her waist, pulling her against my body. I was leaning back against my door, with her standing in between my legs. "You're too beautiful for your own good."

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Lost In Y...
by AdaWinters