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There was no way Jacqueline Grey could tell walking into the hardware store three-blocks from her new apartment would trudge back a part of her past everyone seemed to know besides her. ****** Jacqueline Grey knows her best friend Rachel Miller is hiding something, she has been since junior year of high school. To be fair, Rachel was never that good at keeping secrets. The last thing Jackie would have expected was to stumble into that secret in a hardware store three blocks from their new apartment, or for that secret to be the hot, smart, quick-witted, man-whore, Holden Pierce. Holden Pierce was at the peak of his career-if by peak, he meant drowning in debt from numerous student loans, failing his college classes, or working a dead-end job to provide his suicidal mother with anti-depressants-then yes, Holden Pierce was soaring, so, he slept around... a lot, because to Holden, women were a release, they had been since junior high. However, with Jackie, things were different, oh so different and Holden wasn't ready to leave her after one night, and it didn't have anything to do with that one, sizzling, electric, almost one-nightstand, because in all honesty, Jacqueline Grey wasn't exactly a stranger... not that she would remember. . . . First Draft. Cover Credit- Nenny May.

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