Scarlett (Rick Grim...
By evilqueen098
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Scarlett Bradford, a twenty-three-year-old ex-nurse, roams what's left of the world alone. After a narrow brush with death in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, Scarlett has taken on a "never say die" mentality and spends her days trying to survive on her own. That is, until she is found by three strangers in an abandonded grocery store. They take her to a prison where they have a community and a government set up, something Scarlett hasn't seen in a long time, and she decides to stay with them. Keep reading to find out about Scarlett's new life at the prison. (Eventual Rick Grimes/OC) * Completed on November 30, 2014 * ~ Ya'll, I'll be honest: I'm not great at descriptions, so bear with me and give this a shot. It's so much better than it sounds. ~ Disclaimer: I only own my original charaters. Everything else belongs to the respective owners. I'm not making money on this or anything so please don't report me or something! Thanks!

Chapter 1

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by evilqueen098