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By writer_piaa
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A sharp pull by my wrist bought me back to the wall. I hold my breath for a moment. "what the hell" I cussed. "Shh, baby girl" he exclaimed. I cringed with the endearment he used. He brought his face near to my face. His breath is fanning all over my lips. It raised my heartbeat to a different level. It must be heard by him also. His smirk face saying it all. His eyes are gazing my lips and he started closing the small gap we have between our lips to be mingled into one. Sensing his intentions I closed my eyes & moved my face to the left. He stopped right away & increase the gap between us which I really appreciate but the hold of his hand on my wrist is very tight. It started paining me slowly. "Now listen to me very carefully, we might be lawfully wedded husband & wife. But you are nothing to me. I have only married you because of my doll" he said rudely to me. I forcefully release my hand from his hulk like grip which resulted into breaking my bangles & a piece of glass cut into my hand. It hurt me like hell. There must be a big cut in my hand. Ignoring the pain in my hand. I showed my other hand finger towards him and said "even I was not interested in this marriage. I am kind of forced into this" Which I am not, my subconscious mocked me. But I wont give him that satisfaction. Although I was not forced but I had no other option than to accept this marriage. ______________________ It is not a cliche will find different concept with lot of suspense and yes romance too but that will happen in later give it a chance... To know more do read "Bound by Vows"😉 ****GIVE IT A TRY, I WON'T DISAPPOINT YOU**** START DATE: 28.11.2019 Highest Ranking till date #1 in Delhi #44 in Fiction #352 in Love #909 in Romance

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Bound By...
by writer_piaa