Ada (A Short Story)
By Chisom___
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Spurred by her desperation and an eagerness to be released from the shackles of poverty, Ada finds herself joining a sugar daddy site with hopes to make some money to be able to take care of her mother and sister. There, she meets Richard Bamidele, the married CEO of St. Ives Enterprises, a multi billion naira company. Richard helps Ada out of her deep financial debts and what started out as a mutualistic relationship soon turns into love. In comes Damilare Coker. Right from their first meeting, Damilare and Ada have had a jarring connection but due to her loyalty to Richard, she ignores it, opting instead to avoid him. But Damilare eagerly pursues Ada regardless and soon she can no longer deny their irresistible attraction to each other. She then finds herself in a dilemma. Remain with the one man who helped her out and gave her a chance when no one else would but with whom she will never have a real relationship, or be with the man who was made for her and who just might be her one shot at true love? ~*~ A Nigerian Themed Book Highest Ranking: #50 in married out of 5.4k stories. #24 in SugarDaddy out of 1.7k stories.


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Ada (A Sh...
by Chisom___