Fangs: The Revamp (...
By DarkWater120
  • Vampire
  • blood
  • danger
  • darktruth
  • death
  • drama
  • fear
  • girlxgirl
  • health
  • lesbianromance
  • mistress
  • slave
  • vampire


Book 1: Clara. An 18 year old young woman who thought life was easy. What a lie that was. Her parents were taken away from her. Her only best friend, Elisa had gone missing for weeks... Maybe months or years. She doesn't know. She keeps thinking to herself that everything will be okay. Oh it won't be. It won't be alright as Clara finds out the scary truth about Elisa. She was actually dead, but very much alive... Book 2: 5 years later, two young vampire hunters came along to find themselves in a terrifying situation. Amelia and Grace were going to be sold before they escaped together from the local auction house. They are not just best friends, they are related and a family. Join them on a adventure that they will NEVER forget. "Grace? Is that you?" Book 3 (Final): The end of the human race is getting nearer and nearer by the day. Most of them are dead, some of them are vampires. Join Alexis as she tries to rescue slaves from the powerful won't go down well for her as she finds out that their world is full of lust, blood and of course, danger. #35 mistress #2 darktruth


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Fangs: Th...
by DarkWater120