Little Star Twiligh...
By gabideane13
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Madison Deane Swan is Bella Swan's younger sister. It's been a year sense Bella has moved in with there dad. Madison decides to move back in with her dad to after being at a high level high school academy in California for 2 years because she misses her dad. Before Madison went to the school in California she lived with her dad, when her parents divorced Renee took Bella while Charlie kept Madison. Which was fine with Madison because she is a daddy's girl. While Madison was in California she became a model so she has some money but she is not snobby about it. Madison is a beautiful and kind girl. She has a smile that can light up a room. Everyone loves her, sept for Bella. Bella doesn't like her sister because she thinks she is perfect and she is jealous of her. ALSO MADISON IS A LITTLE. SHE WILL NOT BE IN LITTLE SPACE ALL THE TIME. SHE WILL ONLY BE IN LITTLE SPACE WHEN STUFF COMES UP ABOUT HER PSTD, DEPRESSION, AND ANXIETY. CHARLIE, ALL THE PEOPLE DOWN ON THE RESERVATION AND HER FRIENDS FROM LA KNOW THAT SHE IS A LITTLE. When Madison comes back what will happen after she sees her old friends again? What happens when she meets the Cullens? Madison's powers are very very rare she has the power of bonding with vampires, witches, werewolves, and humans. She doesn't know she has this power she just has to make eye contact and they are bonded. Sometime it can be dangerous. They can feel very productive of her and they love her. They see her as there child/sibling/ or even there best friend. She was destined to bond with them so she can make peace. {p.s. Bella and Edward are not dating and are not mates. Bella is obsessed with him through. Bella is sorta friends with Alice through so she kinda knows what's going on} ⚠️WARNING⚠️ There will be Bella bashing and polyamory. Mental health problems and cuss words. Also, this will be based in 2019, I'm starting off at the beginning of 2019 but I'm bringing in stuff from late 2019 into the beginning


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Little St...
by gabideane13